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Why buy wedding insurance

Your wedding day is a very special and memorable occasion and one that you dont want to go wrong. You will a great deal of time even months planning it and a lot of money preparing for it.

But what happens if disaster should strikes? What would happen if the dress is ruined before the wedding day or if the photographs don't come out?. If the bride, bridegroom or any of their families falls ill, or even worse on or before the special day? If the venue for the wedding reception closes? You lose the rings? There are so many factors that could cost you a fortune or even ruin your wedding day.

With the average wedding costing from £6,000 to £15,000, more and more people are now taking out wedding insurance as a safeguard in case things go wrong on the big day.

Wedding insurance can cover most aspects of your big day including the following:
  • Cancellation of wedding and/or reception
  • The bride's dress
  • Damage or loss of wedding attire
  • Problems with photography or wedding video
  • Damage or loss of wedding rings
  • Damage or loss of wedding gifts and presents (including Cash and Vouchers)
  • Public liability
  • Loss of deposits
  • Wedding venue
  • Reception venue
  • Problems with wedding flowers / bouquets
  • Problems with wedding transport and car
  • Problems with wedding cake or food
  • Legal expenses
  • Damage to marquees / tents

Its your big day so make sure you insure yourself and the wedding, most wedding insurance policies come in three different levels.
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